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Halo DE 1000 watt lighting system

 Halo DE 1000 watt lighting system
 Halo DE 1000 watt lighting system  Halo DE 1000 watt lighting system  Halo DE 1000 watt lighting system  Halo DE 1000 watt lighting system  Halo DE 1000 watt lighting system  Halo DE 1000 watt lighting system  Halo DE 1000 watt lighting system  Halo DE 1000 watt lighting system  Halo DE 1000 watt lighting system  Halo DE 1000 watt lighting system  Halo DE 1000 watt lighting system
Brand: Halo Horticulture
Product Code: H-DE1000
Availability: Pre-Order
Price: $379.99 US
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Introducing the revolutionary Halo DE 1000 watt lighting system. With over a dozen intelligent & state of the art improvements we have taken the grow light to the next level.

Adjustable Reflector

The industry's only 3 way adjustable reflector puts up to 30% more light on your crop. Not your walls.

Imagine the increase in yield with no wasted light.

Tailor the direction of light to suit your needs! 

No need for different reflectors. Left and right sides even operate independently so one side can be deep and the other wide. Whatever you want! Smart.

USB Interface

The Halo DE comes with a USB port to allow for software updates on the wireless control. This allows you to dim, give a sunrise/sunset mode, turn on or off whatever lights you want. In the near future the Halo will automatically communicate with other grow room sensors to make adjustments autonomously using IoT (internet of things). 1100/1000/825/750/630 watt settings. 

Safe Lamp Holders

The Halo DE comes with the VS K12x30s high temperature lamp holders. Manufactured by Vossloh-Schwabe in Germany these are the safest in the market. The last thing a grower wants is a fire in their expensive grow facility.


With the Halo DE you can run double ended HPS, MH, or even 630w Ceramic Metal Halide lamps. This gives you extreme flexibility. No need to have different light fixtures in your facility for different areas.

Digital Display

The Halo comes standard with a digital display to show useful information such as internal temp, current wattage setting, running hours of ballast, and any problems such as a voltage issue or lamp failure. You can dim from here or use your smartphone app included.

ETL and FCC Certified

With full ETL and FCC certification you can be certain the light has been rigorously tested and approved to meet the highest safety and radio interference standards. 

Flexible Mounting

The Halo DE has a smart hanging bracket system which lets you rotate the mounting bracket 90 degrees. This gives you the choice of which way to hang the light for optimum uniformity and the most light on your plants. Various brackets and sizes available.

Thermal Control

The Halo DE comes with an integrated heat shield just above the reflector and under the ballast. This channels the heat from the bulb around and past the ballast keeping the temperature under control and prolonging the life of the ballast.

Miro 4 Aluminum

The Halo reflectors are made from the absolute highest quality Alanod German Miro 4 anodized aluminum. The aluminum is >95% reflective and diffuses the light to penetrate deeper into the plant canopy. Our reflectors are thicker, brighter, and last longer than competitors.

Halo DE Lamp

The Halo comes from the factory with the AUVL 1000w DE HPS lamp. These lamps are made in Germany and offer the highest PAR light available at 2,100 µmols and a long life span with slow depreciation curve. After 10,000 burning hours our lamps are still at a whopping 97% output rating saving you money on re-lamping.



With the adjustable reflector you are in control

Up to 30% more light on your plants

Smart ballast with wifi is fully controllable

Failure rate of less than 0.002%

Rated life of ballast 50,000 hrs

Superior heat management

Gortex breathable membrane controls moisture in ballast

>95% reflective Alenod Miro4 Aluminum from Germany

Powder coated cast aluminum housing with cooling fins

Ability to rotate light 90 degrees

Fastest and easiest installation of all competitors

On board ballast diagnostics built in

Digital display shows useful information 

USB port for software updates

5 output settings - 630/750/825/1000/1100 watts

Ability to run 1000w DE HPS, MH, and also 630w CMH DE lamps

Safe and reliable VS lamp holders

AUVL 1000w HPS bulb gives 2,100 µmols (highest on the market)

PAR maintenance = less than 4% depreciation after 10,000 hours

3 year full replacement warranty on ballast, 1 year on lamp

​ETL and FCC certified


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