LED Tech Store strives to help our customers simplify the decision making process when it comes to purchasing the appropriate equipment for their own grow. Along with our store, we also provide consulting to help our customers and patients select the right products for their growing needs.

There are many factors involved when it comes to growing for yourself and that can make it difficult and time consuming to figure out what equipment you need to get started.

LED Tech Store specializes in providing the best grow equipment and solution for the indoor and outdoor agriculture industry, this ranges from the small home grower to the larger commercial facilities.  Whatever your equipment needs are, we supply the best equipment and products to help you succeed in growing herbs, vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants including cannabis for licensed patients.

Choosing the right lighting method is important for growing indoors, we specialize in LED lighting and can educate customers on the difference between LED versus traditional grow light options like HPS or MH.

Are you an MMAR or ACMPR licensed patient? We consult with medical cannabis growers to help them grow the best medicine possible using the best lighting and equipment to suite their grow needs. Our staff is here to help you be successful in growing your medicine, this includes initial consulting on the type of grow and number of plants, how the customer plans on growing and equipment options. When growing medical cannabis for themselves, customers must decide on what grow medium and method is best for them, we explain the difference between growing organic or with fertilizers, soil, hydroponic or other methods and the benefits and cons of each approach.

If you are new to growing or you require assistance then reach out to us and we can help you. By using our consulting services, we work with medical patients to put them in touch with growers who can help teach them techniques for growing their own medicines.

Speak to our grow consultants and learn about the newest and best equipment to help you become successful in growing.

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